Hi! I’m Kelcy Parrish and I’m a creative graphic & digital designer in Austin, Texas.

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, where I could always be found doodling on napkins or designing t-shirts for the Friday Night football games. Yes – I was also a cheerleader.

I was first introduced to graphic design in my Senior year yearbook class. I remember choosing to work late on spread layouts and playing with different colorways, instead of going to rehearse in the musical I happened to be the lead role in. I fell in love with experimenting with the negative space that surrounded the copy and imagery. I distinctly remember having strong reactions just by watching elements come together to create the end result. I knew I wanted to explore this world of design more.

I studied graphic design at Baylor University, in Waco, TX, where I fell even more in love with the tools and strategic thinking that came from studying design, on top of finding any side gig I could to gain experience working with clients. Upon graduation, I landed a job where I was thrown into designing pretty much anything and everything – logos, newsletters, presentations, graphics for the web, graphics for apparel, banners, trade show marketing collateral, etc. I learned the ins and outs of how a one-stop marketing shop works and most of all learned how to design on (and around) the clock.

In 2014, I followed my gut and moved to the gigantic small city of Austin, TX. While sitting in a coffee shop and overhearing not one, not two, but multiple conversations surrounding creative talk, I was reassured that I had made the right decision and was in the right place. I had found my people. 

By some serendipitous act, I was almost immediately scooped up by a creative firm called Flywheel Creative, who has offered me multiple freelancing opportunities throughout my time in Austin. Working with these lovely ladies has helped me refine my illustration and logo style, all while gaining mentorship in front-end web development. Soon after, I was offered a job with Lin Media (now Media General) in downtown Austin. During my time at Media General, I have been immersed into the digital world of design and am now very aware of how rapidly things can change. Aside from digital advertising and branding strategies, the main two skills I have learned during my time here has been: Flexibility and Adaptability.

Now, having an understanding for digital design, I have developed a forward-thinking perspective on how users think and behave.

Generating good ideas into great experiences is what I am most passionate about. I am best at helping companies and clients tell their story in a way that is bright, vivid, and graphically appealing for all types of audiences. My work experience creating and executing branding strategies in both print and digital give me the power to provide clients and companies with exceptional solutions, no matter the media.

I specialize in creating emotional connections through my designs by combining personality and purpose. I create with intent and empathy. My objective is to execute meaningful experiences that can speak to a multitude of audiences and help grow communities for the better.

Want to know more? You can check out the following:  LinkedIn,  Instagram,   Twitter, &  Pinterest.

PSST! – I just opened an online store selling some of my designs on all kinds of products! Perfect for gifts, and completely customizable! Check it out!