Art Direction: Hole in the Roof Marketing
Strategy: The creative direction given to this project was a bit vague, however, the client definitely wanted to include the following:
Banner Flags
Bright, Bold Colors
 2 Contest’s information
and to somehow incorporate a Bicycle

• I first started by choosing a color palette. I had a lot of fun playing with different combinations, but landed on the following.
• Then I started on the layout of the elements. Keeping the hierarchy of elements close in mind, I believe I achieved a nice flow from the headline to the secondary information at the bottom.
• Next, I decided how I wanted to incorporate the banner flag elements by draping them from the top of the poster all the way to the bottom, to again, create a nice flow for the readers’ eye to follow. I believe the flags placement created perfect focal points for the reader to invite them into the poster to actually absorb the information within the 2 sections of flags.
• Finally, once I noticed the two capital “O’s” in the header just happened to line up near each other, I placed the bicycle graphic in place of the letterforms, to tie the overall theme of this event together, right in the main title.
Created white at HTR.

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