The hardest part is starting.

- Simon Sinek

Don’t let the name fool you.

I am not a cut-the-corners type of person. And this is not a blog about how to ‘hack the system’ to see faster results without putting the hard work in. However, I do know one thing: Cooking is not my strength. I have always rejected any diets due to the fact that I was (and still am a little bit) scared of creating in the kitchen. You see, I am relatively skilled in certain of areas of my life (graphic design, painting, illustration, calligraphy/hand-lettering, singing, dancing, etc.) but, when it comes to cooking…I am never the first to raise my hand and volunteer to host dinners. Why? Simply put, I am an insecure chef-wannabe.

*EDIT: I am no longer actively dieting as I don’t think it is the healthiest and most sustainable way to stay fit. It also, unfortunately, did a number on my mental health and body image that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone else! Keto is great for short term goals and some people have made it a lifestyle somehow…I’m not that gal, however! I am still proud of myself for learning and achieving great success on the diet, but look forward to a balanced diet that includes carbs to keep me energized. To each her own :) 
(08/10/2020 – Kelcy)*

For as long as I can remember, my ‘diet plan’ simply consisted of avoiding foods that I was told were bad for me, and exercising like a mad woman. Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I am pretty consistent in the workout arena. I wore that badge pretty proudly, being a member of multiple gyms, and attending boot camps and Zumba classes multiple times a week. Now, don’t get me wrong, these are all great ways to burn some calories and keep your mental health in check (which is so real) – but- since turning 28, I slowly (and painfully) started to realize, high-intensity workouts paired with unhealthy eating habits, can very quickly result in injuries, frustration, and dead-end plateaus. :(

Tired of low self-esteem and frustration with lack of results, I have decided to give the low carb/keto diet a try. Which also means I have also decided to give cooking more of a try. Now, lucky for me, I have a boyfriend who is a helluva chef. He worked in a kitchen for several years, so he is incredibly comfortable in the kitchen. He is so good to me and has prepared so many meals for me/us, that I am doubly excited to be able to return the favor for him. I want to be able to prepare low carb/keto-friendly meals that he will also enjoy, which shouldn’t be too hard since his favorite food is meat. Hah!

So, calling all kitchen + keto newbies!!

This blog is going to document my journey into the world of dieting and cooking. I want to be as transparent and real as possible, so expect to see the good, bad, and ugly, because nobody starts a new skill at perfection. Which is going to be a huge learning curve for me! So, let’s learn together, friends. Let me know what your beginning struggles are or were. What are the techniques that helped you gain more of a passion for cooking healthy? What are your favorite-and simple-low-carb recipes?

My main goals are to keep myself accountable, try a new skill that is completely out of my comfort zone, and help others who are new to dieting, or cooking, know that they are not alone feeling ‘out of place’. This blog is for you. May you find comfort in this little corner of the internet, that is NOT an expert in cooking and dieting, but is figuring it out as we go.

First up: That time I failed not one – but TWO – fat bomb recipes!!

Third-Times-the-Charm, Cream Cheese & Peanut Butter Fat Bombs ›

Keep it simple friends,