2018 Girl Scout Cookie Season

When it comes to the creative process for our social campaigns, my strategists and I always have an initial brainstorming meeting which is where we throw out all the ideas – good, bad, and ugly – until we discover that ‘ah-hah!’ moment. Every year, for the launch of GS Cookie Season, my team is responsible for creating a thought-out social campaign. This year, when deciding on a theme, we considered multiple ideas that would resonate on a broad scale and tie into national or even global conversations. Our ‘ah-hah!’ moment arrived when I threw out the idea of ‘sports’ since our campaign would fall at the same time as the 2018 Winter Olympics. We thought that it would be universally appealing and simple enough to digest while keeping the focus on the product and creating excitement and engagement with our beloved customers.

My content strategist and I created 9 different characters all relating to a different sport, and all with a catchy, yet on-theme name. After finalizing the strategy, I began sourcing stock photography sites for the right background image that would serve as the stage for the larger-than-life cookie-star-athlete. Since these were going to live on social media and would most likely be accompanied by a text-filled post, I did not want to include too much text within the image, but enough so that our overarching goal would still be met if it was a standalone image. I thoughtfully selected the athletic-like typeface which paired nicely with our primary Girl Scout font, Trefoil Sans. I dedicated about 2 weeks to these graphics and perfected them to the best of my ability in time for our social launch of the long-awaited Cookie Season. I also uploaded these graphics to our website so that the Cookie Sellers themselves, could download and share on their own personal platforms.

These images were high performing pieces with 18,779 People Reached and 736 Reactions, Comments & Shares (which is substantial, considering our Facebook Page following is 8k).

This project will always be top of mind when it comes to my favorite projects and campaigns to work on, for I thoroughly enjoyed having a seat at the table that first created the idea, and being the hands that deployed the successful execution.