Event Theme:

Grown-Up G.I.R.L. Mood Board:

Client: Girl Scouts of Central Texas

About: Girl Scouts of Central Texas celebrates women who have distinguished themselves as outstanding members of their community through individual excellence and high levels of achievement. The April 2018 event, held at the AT&T Conference Center, was our biggest event yet, welcoming 700+ of Austin’s most elite. I directed, produced, and coordinated the creation of upwards of 30 different pieces for this event, including the new event logo and theme.

Goal: Update the Women of Distinction event logo and re-brand all marketing materials associated with this coveted award.

Challenges: The previous logo that was being used did not hold enough weight when placed on certain surfaces or scaled down for a small piece. The logo did not play nicely with the iconic Girl Scout brand/logo, so we often had to place both the Girl Scout logo AND the WOD logo on all material, which made for redundancy and took up valuable space.

Strategy: My main goal was to give the WOD logo a modern facelift, utilizing a fresh and younger typeface, AND to somehow incorporate the iconic Girl Scout logo/symbol into the WOD logo mark, itself so that the mark can be a standalone logo and not always accompanied with the Girl Scout logo.

Result: As intimidating as this project was–redesigning a very high-end, elite, who’s-who-type of event logo–my team and all stakeholders loved the result! Making the overall shape tighter really helped provide all event collateral and materials with optimum breathing room. The mark is accompanied with the Girl Scout Profiles mark, so this logo can now stand on its own while conveying 2 separate ‘brands’. I am still receiving very positive feedback on this logo redesign.