Logo Design for Angel Longevity Medical Center

Client: Angel Longevity Medical Center
Art Direction: Karen Barry of Flywheel Creative

Flywheel Creative, a wonderful branding agency in Austin, was working on an overhaul of the Los Angeles-based Medical Center, Angel Longevity. They already had their website well underway but needed to bring in some illustration help to update Angel Longevity’s existing logo. This was an incredibly fun yet challenging project to work on alongside Flywheel Creative. I especially enjoyed having the opportunity to watch a brand’s image transform from words on a piece of paper to a full-fledged identity facelift.

Angel Longevity Medical Center ensures its patients age gracefully and live their lives to the fullest using alternative treatments that focus on wellness rather than just treating and suppressing symptoms. The patients can be sure that they will receive optimal levels of care and the latest therapies in Anti-Aging and Functional  Medicine.

Strategy: At the start of every identity project, after familiarizing myself with the context of the logo brief, I try to do what I call a “word-vomit.” Pretty, I know. I start by writing down the name of the client, in this case, “Angel Longevity” and then immediately begin writing any word that comes to mind that may or may not have an association with the words in the client’s name.

In this case, I wrote the following: soft, inviting, holistic, medical, hospital, age, aging, beauty, timeless, care, welcoming, angel, clean, and so on and so on…I often fill up an entire page with the goal of getting it all out of my head and onto the paper. Something about writing it down with just a pen and some paper helps to get the wheels in my mind turning. After I write it all down, I take a step back. Pause. Review…and then start circling the words that actually could prove useful as imagery for the logo mark. Once I have pulled out the best visual words, it’s onto the drawing board, where I start sketching out those words and try to combine and intertwine the sometimes random shapes and illustrations with the name of the company to start visualizing a logo mark! I find this process to be very beneficial for me to get started developing new ideas and start visualizing an actual end result.
For the initial mood board, we gathered some examples from the client’s competitors to evaluate what is working in their current industry, what isn’t, and how we can create a new standard for the alternative medicinal market. After illustrating a few butterfly-like icons and some first-aid crosses mixed with halos, etc…, I found that combining angel’s wings with a caduceus was a great way to display holistic values with medical views.

Once we landed on a mark that we thought had the most potential, we started subtracting some of the elements from the shapes, to strip the mark of all unnecessary pieces and keep a clean and minimalistic icon to pair with the thin typography to complete our logo mark.

This logo was the beginning of a beautiful branding package. We spread these design choices throughout business cards stationery items, mailer postcards, brochures, and a full-fledged website, which can be viewed here.

 Original Logo:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 4.58.12 PM

Various Initial Concepts:concepts

Revised Final Logo:Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 4.36.57 PM

Additional collateral with new logo: